Customer Value Segmentation

This is our basic offering. It gives you the core essence of our services. An advanced analysis of your customer purchasing transactions provides you with a unique segmentation tool.

It is based on our Repurchase Forecast (RpF). We also include your product and handling costs. Thus, we will give you details, and customer information based on both RpF and CM.

You will receive statistics.explaining important facts about the progress of your customers' purchasing behaviour. This includes a set of KPIs that will help you evaluate and steer your marketing in the right direction.

In addition a file is updated on a monthly or weekly basis giving your customers individual segmentation codes - based on repurchase forecasts -you can use for adapted marketing activities. Included is also their individual codes from the recent period. So – you can adapt your offerings to improving or detoriating purchasing behaviour. These are the segmentation groups:

New customers
High purchasing forecast – high contribution margin
High purchasing forecast – low contribution margin
High purchasing forecast – negative contribution margin
Low purchasing forecast
Very low purchasing forecast
One purchase only recent 12 months
One purchase only more than !2 months ago
Zero purchasing forecast

The segmentation system is available for both durables, fashion etc as well as consumables.

Extensive Report

At an intervall of your choice we will provide you with a comprehensive report that digs into aspects of major importance for understanding your customers' purhasing behaviour and your marketing performance. This gives you a sound foundation for long term marketing decisions.


Monthly Report

Regular follow-ups and constant trimmings of your daily marketing decisions is a key factor for success . The monthly report gives a quick glance overview with KPIs that will help you improve your customers' loyalty. And your business success.