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Of course you need to keep customers shopping. That is a crucial key to better profitability.

The costs winning new customers to the business can be discouraging to anyone. Selling to existing customers eliminates those irritating costs.

You need to ensure that you are attending to your customers' needs and preferences.

But - you should also be very observant to any tendency to buy less. And apreciate the customers tending to stay loyal.

Maintaining successful customer relations is very much like what a plate juggler does.

The plate juggler keeps track of what is happening all the time. And he acts before anything unwanted happens. This is what you also need to do.


"Before anything unwanted happens" - how can you know before? Well, you need something extraordinary to assist you.

Customer Value provides you with an easy to use segmentation tool helping you to forsee your customer relations future. Repurchase Forcast RPF is this tool.

RPF examines your customers' purchasing patters and predicts their future purchasing volumes.

This is why you can act beforehand. We will give you a code to use for every customer of yours. From High Probabilty with High CM for Repurchases to Zero Probability.

Even from not shopping dropouts you can win back a few loyal customers. We do however stongly recommend that you act upon the signals well before this happens.



How to improve CUSTOMER loyalty

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About Customer Value AB

Over twenty years of experience and commitment to help e-commerce and retail companies to improve sales by adapting to statistical mathemathical methods. That is Customer Value AB.

However advanced methods our products are based on usage cannot be easier. We provide you with a simple five code segmentation tool for long and profitable customer relations.

Customer Value AB was founded in 2011 focusing on e-commerce services.

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